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If you want to find out about Kay Morris Foundation, this is the place for you. They are a fantastic missions program that helps individual in need around the world. They share the message of the Gospel with those who are having serious problems. Check out what they do.


Kay Morris Foundation (“KMF”) is dedicated to supporting primary healthcare in Africa and other parts of the world. Our motto is: voice of the voiceless.

The organization’s programs are aimed at poverty reduction, preventing HIV/AIDS, malaria and other infectious diseases affecting Africa, and in particular Ghana. KMF is presently working in accordance with the UN MDG 5 agenda to combat maternal mortality in Africa and is planning to build a maternal health center in Ghana West Africa. Our work seeks to aid communities in Africa and to empower them to respond to meeting their basic human needs.

The overall goal of KMF programs is to encourage and assist locally defined community development by fostering creative partnerships, knowledge, communication and resources needed for communities to combat poverty, sickness/disease. KMF also partner’s with the Youth Bridge Foundation on their youth empowerment agenda during the annual African Youth Governance Conference which help the youths of Africa maximize their fullest potentials.

Kay Morris Foundation, Ghana is a registered non-profit Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana which shares the same mandate as KMF Canada. It is a separate entity from KMF Canada. KMF Ghana organizes the annual medical missions and mobilizes partners on the ground to collaborate with KMF Canada. KMF Ghana organizes visits to schools; orphanages; medical facilities and set up media coverage, speaking engagements. KMF Ghana oversees and monitors the distribution of medicines in Ghana and is also responsible for the implementation of community projects throughout the country.


KMF relies on the energy, talent, compassion and commitment of its volunteers and partners. KMF Canada works with KMF Ghana to mobilize the human, intellectual, and material resources required in meeting the primary healthcare needs of communities.

KMF ensures that it maintains control over the work being done with its resources and receives full updates regarding all activities and expenditures.


 Develop healthy linkages with organizations such as the United Nations, Youth Bridge Foundation, William Ho One UN Heart Beat Movement, CTF-Africa, Planet Africa, and other community players;

 Facilitate, coordinate and work closely with communities to identify, develop and implement projects and initiatives that meet there economic and social development needs;

 Promote community building concepts, and practices;

 Help link community actors with resources and technical support;

 Facilitate sustainable and integrated health, education, and community development programs and projects that impact positively on people.

In order to achieve its objectives, KMF has plans to implement the following programs:

KMF has undertaken the following work in the past:


 KMF president visited the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (TJNHCR) Liberia Refugee Camp, donated medicine and medical supplies to the St. Gregory’s Catholic Clinic and which caters to 42,000 refugees;

 KMF donated medicines and medical supplies, in Ghana, to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital - HIV/AIDS Fever’s Unit; and

 KMF president toured Nigeria where she collaborated with the Bridge Boys Interlink Project (“BBIP”) providing hot meals to youth in urban slums in Lagos.

April 2005

 KMF had its successful HIV/AIDS medicine campaign drive in support of Ghana HI V/AIDS efforts;

 KMF donated medicine and medical supplies to the Ghana AIDS Commission, donated medicines to Korle Bu Hospital, the UNHCR Refugee camp, as well as 600 books and education materials to the St. Gregory’s Catholic Elementary School; and

 KMF visited the Human Trust Orphanage in Cape Coast and donated toiletries, and school supplies to the children at the orphanage.

August 2006

 KMF embarked on its third HIV/AIDS medicine mission to Ghana and donated medicines and medical supplies to Ghana Ministry of Health and the Ghana AIDS Commission.

 KMF visited the Village of Hope Orphanage and Library and donated books and clothing to the facility. November 2007

 KMF visited the Musano area in the Central region Ghana and donated ITN’s (insecticide treated malaria nets) to students and people in the community.

 KMF donated medicines and medical supplies to the Ghana AIDS Commission.

 KMF visited the Berekuso Elementary School and donated books and educational materials.

 KMF visited the Human Service Trust Orphanage and donated clothing and toiletries to the children.

October 2008

 KMF visited Ghana and donated medicines to the St. Gregory’s Catholic Clinic and the Ghana AIDS Commission.

 KMF visited the Berekuso Elementary School and donated, computers, and sports training gears to the school soccer teams.

 KMF participated in the launch of the World AIDS Day 2008 projects held by the Ghana AIDS Commission in association with UNAIDS.

 KMF president visited the Mild May Pediatric AIDS Hospital in Kampala, Uganda in support of orphans. She also visited the Nyaka AIDS Orphan School.

 KMF president visited the Mu Jhu AIDS Research House in Kampala, Uganda

November 2009

 KMF partnered with the Ministry of Local Government and visited the Hanover Infirmary in Jamaica and donated toiletries, bedding, and other items to the elderly

August 2010

 KMF participated as a facilitator during the African Youth and Governance Conference in Accra, Ghana where youths from over 40 African countries attended.

 Participated in International World Youth Day when the Government of Ghana launched the National Youth Policy

 Visited orphanages and donated toiletries

 President Kay Morris visited schools providing preventative education about HIV/AIDS and speaking and empowering students

 KMF participated in the Dribble 2 Africa mission during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Games in Cape Town, South Africa and visited the Phillipi youth/children’s camp, The Beautiful Gate Orphanage, and the Al Noor Orphanage in Cape Town, South Africa. Kay presented them with food items, toiletries and educational materials.

April 2011

 KMF president visited the Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre in Guyana, South America and distributed toiletries to the orphans

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