The Billy Graham Library

The Billy Graham Library is definitely a destination that you should add to your itinerary as a Christian. If you want to be blown away by a strong man of God, this is a cool place to check out.

So what exactly is this place and why is it so amazing? Read on to find out what it has to offer.

The Library

Although it's called a library, it's not actually just a library. Yes, it has some books in it, but those aren't the main attraction. It's more like a museum with information about Billy Graham's life.

At the site, you'll see Billy Graham's childhood home that he lived in from the time he was a boy until he moved out to go to college. It's been restored and is a pretty neat place to see, as it gives you insight into the life of one of the most profound Christian leaders in the modern world.

billy graham library

It also has a bookstore called Ruth's Attic. There you'll find books, gifts, Bibles and many other items to buy. On that property, you can also find the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar. This is a place to sit down and have lunch or a snack after your tour.

After you've seen the sights, you can also check out the Memorial Prayer Garden and have a quiet moment with God. This is located near the burial site of Ruth Bell Graham.

Traveling to the Library

If you'd like to check out the library at some point, it's located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It shouldn't be too hard to find because it's actually off of Billy Graham Parkway, near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Nothing like having the street named after you to make directions easier, right?

Basic Information

If you want to go to the library, one of the best things about it is that it's free. You really can't beat the price anywhere. They make their money through the book store, restaurant and the other Billy Graham projects. It's open Monday through Saturday 9:30 to 5:00.

Take the Trip

If you're ever in the Charlotte area, this is definitely a place that you should take a few hours and check out. It usually takes about two or three hours to see everything and it gives you some insight into one of the greatest men who ever lived for Jesus. As a Christian, it can be a very inspiring place to see.

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