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This breaking Christian news report reveals a shocking revelation about President Barack Obama.

President Commits First Mistake Ever During Game of Scrabble

While the first term of the Presidency of Barack Obama has been flawless up until this point, the President recently committed a serious gaffe during a game of Scrabble.

At exactly 8:43 p.m. in the private quarters of the White House, the incident occurred during a heated game with Vice President Joe Biden. President Obama was up by 70 points at the time and it was his turn to lay down.

It was at this moment when he attempted to spell "woebegone" without the "e" on the end. An elated Biden caught the mistake almost instantly. Although many people believed Biden was unqualified to be next-in-line for the Presidency, it turns out he's actually a wonderful speller.

"Nice try 'Rack'", shouted Biden. "Woebegone has an "e" at the end."

"Whatever man," quipped Obama. "You know I've never been wrong. Just ask anybody thats been on CNN for the last 3 years. I'm not George Bush here."

"I'm serious man, look it up," responded Biden.

It was at this point that President Obama pulled out his iPhone and looked up the word. After a few moments of searching he stumbled upon the word. His eyes seemed to lose their luster as he realized his mistake.

"This can't be. It's not true! There has to be some sort of misprint here!" yelled the President.

The report of the incident has met some resistance in the media. It tends to go against the widely accepted view that Obama can do no wrong.

After the initial reports surfaced, CNN ran a special report for the next 12 hours - "Scrabble: Family game? Or Presidential Smear Campaign? You Decide."

Upon hearing the news outside the White House, President of the Obama fan club Jerry Dammato simply exclaimed, "Nooooooo!!!!!!" He then ripped his "I Love B.O." shirt and threw his Nike "Air 'Bama's" over the fence, onto the White House lawn.

As of press time, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi was unavailable for comment as she was sobbing into her pillow over the news.

The next few days will be a trying time for our nation. The revelation that Obama actually is capable of making a mistake is a tough pill to swallow for many Americans. Only time will tell how the nation will get past "Scrabble-gate" and the aftermath that is sure to follow.

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