Christian Baby!!

by Laura

I started to go to church on a regular basis when my child turned one year old.
The only thing I really knew, at the time, was that I wanted him to be a child of God. To be honest, I really didn’t know what that meant. We went to church every Sunday. He attended Sunday school while went to adult Bible study followed by church services. Everything was great until personal disaster struck.

I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I have always been a person who handles things on my own. If I needed help, sure I would ask for it. I would seek advice, talk with counselor, my pastor or even a psychologist. I had no choice but to be lead through this situation that I have never witnessed before. I have never been around this type of behavior which left me unfamiliar.

This situation was taking such a toll on me. I was letting my circumstances take over every aspect of my life. It was bleeding, no it was hemorrhaging. I felt like someone was digging a whole right in front of me and I was just stepping inside willingly. My mind was so heavy with burden.

I knew I needed to turn things around and quickly. The weight of my burden was so intense the only thing I knew how to do at this point was to go to church. After about 3 months, my mind started opening up. I started speaking about my situation to select member of my church. I found someone who really took the time to share with me. She didn’t advise me on what I should do in my present situation. Instead she advised me on how to be a Christian.

She told me to cast my fears to God. Read the Bible faithfully, pray daily and to surround myself with fellow Christians and even Christian music while I was in the car. What a world of difference those seemingly simple points made for me.
I found out that I am just a Christian baby because I was not growing in my faith.

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