Christian Bands

There are several Christian bands out there that have successfully crossed over into the mainstream. Some of them are made up of Christians but they do not necessarily label themselves as Christian or not. Here are a few of the best in this category of music.


One band that is made up of Christians is Paramore. Many people do not realize that they are actually Christians. They seem like just your normal, awesome rock and roll band. With hits like "Misery Business," "Ignorance," "Crushcrushcrush," and "Brick by Boring Brick" they are a force to be reckoned with on the music scene today. On top of that, Haley Williams, their lead singer is not bad to look at either. Oh and did I mention that she did an awesome song with rapper B.O.B. called "Airplanes."


Chevelle is another one of those bands that doesn't label themselves as Christians. However, the members of the band are and they also put out some pretty awesome music. Their music is considered hardcore by some, but to me its a good balance between hard rock and alternative. Definitely have some good songs. Check out "Jars" if you want a good example of classic Chevelle.


Although I've mentioned them a few times on the site, I just can't get away from them. They are completely awesome and they really do put out some good music. A lot of their music has Christian-related lyrics, but it still manages to find its way into some heavy radio play on secular stations. Their album Memento Mori is one solid song after another.

And I did notice that two out of the three bands I mentioned here are fronted by women. This could be a recurring theme...I'm not sure. There's just something about girl rockers that is pretty sweet I guess.

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