Christian Book Reviews - The Purpose Driven Life

In this edition of Christian book reviews we take a look at The Purpose Driven Life. This book has quickly become a classic in the field of Christian literature. What makes this book so appealing to a mass audience? Is it worth all of the attention that it gets?

First of all, The Purpose Driven Life was written by Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church. He is one of the most influential and well known pastors in the United States. He recently prayed at President Barack Obama's inauguration and is a very public figure. Much of the attention that he gets is a result of the success from this book.

The idea behind this book is to help people find their purpose in life. Can it help you accomplish this? The short answer is can. However, if you're not willing to take the time to study it, it probably won't. One of the bad things about the book is that it claims you will be able to find your purpose within 40 days. Anytime you put a time limit on God, this isn't really a good thing.

The unique concept that this book brings is that "It's not about you." Most books in the "self-help" genre teach you that everything is about you. You are in charge, you need to focus on yourself, etc. However, this book teaches us that our purpose is found through focusing on God. What a novel concept! Focus our attention on our Creator, Protector, and Father and everything else will fall into place.

Overall, I really liked the book and it is definitely worth a read if you're one of the four Christians remaining in the world that haven't read it. Go grab a copy or borrow it from a friend and check it out.

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