Christian Cartoons

There are many different Christian cartoons out there that are funny and offer a great way to teach others about Christ. You can find clips on practically every subject imaginable. One of the great things about animated videos is that they have a way of getting past our defenses. Kids love watching them and just soak up the messages that they promote. Many adults like them too because they give you a chance to forget about reality for a while and just enjoy some quality entertainment.

Because of the nature of cartoons, it's also very important that we pay attention to what our kids are watching. Many secular cartoon producers try to slip some unbelievably bad stuff into their shows. They know just how powerful their suggestions can be and they sometimes use this to their advantage. As Christians, it's important to choose wholesome shows for our kids to enjoy. Here are some of my favorite clips from this genre.

Silly Songs With Larry

Yes I know I said that I wasn't going to talk about Veggie Tales. However, when it comes to talking about animated content, how could you not mention Veggie Tales? That's right, you can't not mention Veggie Tales. So without further ado, here is a clip from Veggie Tales.

Armor of God

If anyone has ever seen the show South Park (I'm sure no one reading this site has ever watched such filth :) ), you know just how tough they can be on Christians. Well here is a cartoon that was produced by a pastor in the same style as South Park.

The Shepherd's Hook

This is a short cartoon about our relationship with Jesus. Pretty funny and yet relevant at the same time.

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