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Seeing some funny Christian clips every now and then is a great way to improve your mood. Anytime you can sit back and look at yourself from an outsider's perspective, it helps you to see things in a new light.

Both of these videos are meant to be funny and they portray things that actually go on in churches across the world. While they may not be as extreme as the examples, they do happen all the time. It's nice to look at your work from another's point of view and take stock of yourself every now and then.

Some of the things we do actually are counterproductive to God's will. The first video deals with change in our Sunday school classes. Many people just want them to stay as they are. However, if everything stays as it is forever, how will you ever reach new people for Christ?

The second video is just a funny portrayal of church announcements. This may or may not apply to your church, but its still good for a laugh nevertheless. Enjoy these funny clips and check out the rest of the videos on the site.

Sunday School Meltdown

Sunday School Meltdown from joylights on GodTube.

Church Announcements

Funny Church Announcements from faithtime on GodTube.

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