Christian Comedy Skits

Christian comedy skits can do wonders for your attitude. If you're like most people, nothing makes you feel quite as great as a good laugh.

When you're done, you're smiling and on top of the world.

Why is this? God designed you that way. When you cry, you probably feel bad afterward. When you laugh, you feel good afterward. Just try it out right now if you don't believe me. Force yourself to smile and then see how you feel after about 30 seconds. It's pretty tough to be mad.

Did you do it yet? No? can't read any more until you do it. And don't try to just skip on to the next sentence because I'll know. This webpage is so high-tech, you wouldn't believe. I'm just kidding, but it is a fun test. Imagine how much better your life would be if you smiled all the time.

Now here's another fun test. Watch this guy and try not to laugh. If you can do it, you have more will power than me.

Guys and Girls Part 2

How'd you like it? Brad is hilarious isn't he? I could listen to him every day. He reminds me a lot of Dennis Leary, minus the profanity.

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