Christian Daily Devotions - Giving

In this edition of Christian daily devotions we'll look at a very important part of any Christian's life - giving. This is a critical habit to get into if you want to live a successful life.

Many people have been conditioned to keep everything. Giving is an unnatural thing to do. It feels weird. It's hard to let go of old things. However, if you give with the right attitude, you will be rewarded 10-fold.

When you give, give freely. Don't worry about how you'll replace the money. Don't have second thoughts. Send your gift out into the world with love. Hope that it does the best possible good for someone.

If you want something new, you must first get rid of the old. Make room for the new things that you desire. If you want new clothes, empty your closet out first. Don't sell the clothes, but give them away. You will soon have new clothes.

The same principle works with your thoughts. If you want good things to come into your life, you must first get rid of the bad thoughts. You can only think one thing at a time. Therefore, you must make space in your thoughts for prosperous ones.

The Bible tells us that we should tithe 10% of what God has given to us. This is God's way of allowing good to come to us automatically. If you always tithe 10%, good things will always be flowing to you.

An amazing thing happens when we give a tenth to God. He takes the 10% and blesses the whole. This means that the 90% of your money will actually go further than the 100% ever could. You would much rather live on a blessed 90%, than a normal 100%.

If you haven't been giving, don't feel bad. It's never too late to start.

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