What's the Best Christian Dating Site?

Christian dating single websites can be a truly effective way to meet that special someone that God has waiting for you.

Below you'll find some sites that might work for you if you are 18 or older.

But first, stop and think:

How can you figure out what's the best Christian dating site for your situation, and where does God's direction for your life fit into the picture?

Points to Ponder:

  • If you've been unable to find someone that you really connect with yet, don't feel bad. That's actually a good thing. It could mean that you're not settling and you just haven't found the right guy or girl yet, or that there may be areas of your life that God wants to work on first.

  • However, as with anything that has to do with interpersonal relationships, you need to be careful and keep your wits about you. Moving ahead in a relationship based solely on emotion or excitement could be a recipe for disaster.

Don't forget to surround any decisions about dating with lots and lots of prayer. Be sure you are basing your decisions on Godly character as a very high priority.

And take your time.  Allow God some room to work in your heart to confirm your direction (or steer you away in a different direction.)

Please Note:

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD or OLDER to use these dating sites.

Because dating sites are a very competitive business, the information below may not contain the very latest information about pricing or site features, so please use this just as a general reference.

Do your homework in checking out the pricing and features of each site before you pay any money to sign up!

1. ChristianCafe.com

What about Single Christian Network?

When we checked in February, 2013, the website for Single Christian Network now redirects to Christian Cafe, indicating that the sites have merged.

When we last reviewed it, Single Christian Network had a very large database of Christian singles.

Christian Cafe seems to be the logical place for people to go who were searching for Single Christian Network.

ChristianCafe.com is one of the best Christian dating sites. This one has been around for many years and boasts many successful matchmaking stories. One of the things you'll like is that it offers a free trial that lets you see exactly what is available on the site.

ChristianCafe.com points out that they are owned by Christians, which is an important distinction to consider. (Just because other sites have the word Christian in their titles does not necessarily mean that they are actually run by Christians. ChristianCafe.com is.)

One thing to notice with this site is that it gives you an opportunity to sign up for a long-term commitment in order to get a cheaper price. While you have the option of paying month by month, it costs a little bit more. But if it only takes you a month or two to find someone you love, you might save money with the month-to-month option.

They do have a lot of cool features that let you connect with people in your area, and the free trial allows you to take your time in deciding whether to sign up for a paid subscription.

Meet Christian Singles!

2. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is one of the top dogs in the Christian dating world. One of the things you'll notice right off the bat when you go to the Christian Mingle home page is the statement of what others on the site believe. When you go to a regular dating site like eHarmony or Match.com, you really never know what you're going to get.

Christian Mingle has a free and a paid version of its membership. Obviously, the paid version has more features and it's really not that expensive.

You can easily add multiple people to your favorites or block them with the click of a mouse. Then you can start up conversations, chat, send emails and do a lot of other cool stuff. Another cool thing about Christian Mingle is that it offers customer service available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With most of the other dating sites, you simply don't get that.

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