Christian Icebreakers to Start any Event

Christian icebreakers can open a world of possibilities to those that know how to use them effectively. We’ve all been in situations where you could cut the tension with a knife. Some people die in those situations…others thrive.

The key to mastering Christian icebreakers is to find ways to relate to the people you’re talking to. The objective, after all, is to get rid of the ice. Therefore, you want the crowd or individual to “warm” up to you.

Finding a common thread between you and the other person is the biggest step in breaking the ice. Once you do that, the job becomes a lot easier. If you know the people you’re talking to, the job is simplified even more. You can talk about things that you know the other person enjoys. When people find the subject matter interesting, they’re a lot more likely to pay attention.

The next step in mastering Christian icebreakers is to ask an open-ended question. This is a question that can’t be answered with a yes or no. For example if you’re speaking to someone who played sports… “What was it like to be a part of a team?”

Don’t ask… “Were you on a sports team?” They can simply answer “yes” and then you’re back to square one.

Looking for a great resource on Christian icebreakers?

Search for a book called "What's Your Story? Icebreaker Questions for Small Groups." It's one of my favorite books on the subject and it's geared towards Christian small groups.

Another good technique in using Christian icebreakers is through the use of humor. Everyone can appreciate a good joke. If you know some that aren’t too cheesy, give it a shot. Jokes are fantastic Christian icebreakers.

Speakers who have a good sense of humor are always my favorite. The reason this works can be traced back to a physiological level. Laughter releases endorphins in your body that make you feel good. When you feel good, you’re a lot more receptive to new ideas.

Jesus actually was great at this. I guess you could say he laid the foundation for Christian icebreakers. He loved to ask a general, open-ended question and then narrow in on a more specific topic.

For example, remember the conversation he had with Peter?

“Who do people say that I am?” asked Jesus.

After Peter responded, Jesus asked, “Who do you say that I am?”

See how he got Peter talking with the first question and then zeroed in on exactly the point he was trying to make?

As with any area of life, Jesus is always the best example to learn from. If you strive to be like him in any circumstance, you’ll be successful no matter what you’re doing.

The last tip I can offer you is very simple, yet extremely effective. Smile. Yep, that’s it. Just smile. I know it sounds obvious, but many people forget how effective this is. This works especially well in a one-on-one setting.

It puts the other person at ease and makes them feel good about themselves. Not only does it help the other person, it will help you as well. Smiling makes you feel good in any situation.

If you don’t believe me, try it. Put a big smile on your face right now and try to get mad. It’s not very likely that you can do it. So, next time you’re faced with an uncomfortable situation, just smile.

They are not something that everyone is good at right away. Mastering this skill takes practice. So don’t get discouraged if you try it once and still feel awkward. The important things to remember are:

1. Relate to the other person. 2. Ask an open-ended question. 3. Use humor (if possible). 4. Smile

Keep these things at the front of your mind and there’s no reason you can’t break the ice in any awkward situation.

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