Christian Movie Review - Bolt

In this Christian movie review, we'll take a look at one of the cutest movies I've seen in a while - Bolt. Disney always seems to crank out some good stuff that is entertaining for the kids and the adults at the same time. This edition of Disney entertainment is no different.

The story follows the life of a dog named Bolt and his master Penny. If they sound familiar it's because they are voiced by John Travolta and Miley might have heard of them? As it turns out, Penny is a child-actress (notice any similarities between her and the Princess of Media Miley?). Her dog, Bolt is also in the show with her. The director and the cast of the show pretend that everything is real around Bolt. Therefore, he believes that he has super powers. He thinks that he can do some amazing things (like taking on a car head-on and a nifty little "super-bark").

It isn't until Bolt gets accidentally separated from Penny that he realizes he isn't super at all. I would imagine it's pretty tough to find out that you're not actually made of steel.

The best thing about the whole movie is the addition of a little hamster named Rhino. He is continually in his little plastic ball and follows Bolt around as his sidekick. He is funny throughout the movie and really believes that Bolt has superpowers as well.

An interesting side note is that Rhino is actually voiced by an animator at Disney. This almost never happens considering the level of talent Disney can acquire. However, the director of the movie decided that he was better than any of the actors that auditioned for the part. It's a nice little success story for someone behind the scenes.

Basically I'm going to give this one my stamp of approval and recommend that you and your family give this one a go. It's funny, entertaining, and best of all it's great for the kids. Now go add it to your Netflix queue or grab it at Redbox. I would suggest getting it from Blockbuster, but they might not be open by the time you read this.

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