Christian Movie Reviews - Fantastic Four 2

I'm back for another installment of Christian movie reviews and this time I'm going to pull out all the stops.

Not that there were ever any stops per se, but it sounded exciting when I wrote it. But seriously, I'm going to give you the low-down on a popular movie that is about to hit the stores on DVD... Fantastic Four.

If you like superhero movies, then you're probably excited about this one. If you don't, don't give up on this movie just yet. It definitely has a lot to like about it, even if you are a casual superhero fan. For instance, my wife loved it and she is a casual superhero fan at best.

Once again, this movie doesn't really fit into the Christian movie reviews category, but it is a good, clean movie. Like I've mentioned before, Christians can watch regular movies also. So although it isn't a Christian movie, it doesn't have any foul language or sexual content that I can remember.

If you liked the first Fantastic Four, there's about a 100% chance that you're going to like this one also. In fact, I thought it was a lot better than the original. The whole cast is back for this edition as well as a few newcomers.

As the title "Rise of the Silver Surfer" suggests, a new character on a surfboard (who also happens to be silver) emerges. He is a welcome addition to the cast. The special effects make him look amazing and the voice-over work by Laurence Fishburn doesn't hurt anything either. I kept hoping that he would say, "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. They have to see it for themselves." For some reason it never happened though.

Anyway, Dr. Doom is still a jerk. If you think that he has ulterior motives throughout the're right. (No, I didn't just ruin the plot for you. If you missed that one, you're in over your head.)

This movie is a lot funnier than the first. Every scene that Johnny is in, is usually hilarious. The Thing has come to terms with his hideousness and Reed Richards is attempting to settle down with Sue Storm. Speaking of which...Sue is beautiful as usual.

The story of this one is a lot more entertaining than the first. The first movie had to do a lot of back-story before it could ever get going. It felt like you just got started and then the movie was over. This one gets into the plot from the opening scene and doesn't let up.

The action sequences are exciting and the pace is fast. If you like action movies, superhero movies, adventure or even a little love story, you'll probably enjoy this movie.

So that concludes this version of Christian movie reviews. In summary, I give this movie a good endorsement and tell you to go rent it.

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