Christian Movie Reviews - Napoleon Dynamite

While many Christian movie reviews may not touch this, I feel like it is an essential movie to critique.

It has nothing to do with Christianity. However, this movie has managed to influence pop culture and penetrate nearly everyone's awareness. The movie I am referring to is none other than Napoleon Dynamite.

This movie actually manages to be funny without any use of profanity or sexual content at all. In today's world, this is an astounding feat. Very few movies come to mind that are genuinely hilarious and don't resort at any point to cussing and perverted jokes.

Although I will admit it is amazingly stupid at times, therein lies the genius of the movie. There are several of those moments where you sit there in amazement. You'll probably ask yourself..."Did that really just happen?" At the same time you'll want to rewind and watch it again. The dancing scene at the end of the movie will probably be one of those moments you remember.

Since the movie has been out for awhile, nearly everyone has seen it at least once. I've found that there are two distinct opinions on the movie. You either love it or you hate it. There's not really any sitting on the fence with Napoleon.

I am on the side of the people who love it. There's really not much of a plot, but it's fun to go along for the ride. You'll find yourself quoting it nonstop. Several of the moments from this movie will be funny for years to come.

The time of the movie is a bit of a mythical era. At times it seems like they're in the 80's (music and clothing). Then at other times they are in modern times (chatting on the internet with babes all day). So it kind of has a timeless feel to it.

Overall I would rate this as a must watch. If for no other reason than to know which side of the fence you are. Are you Pro-Napoleon or Anti-Napoleon? There's really only one way to find out. Check out this clip.

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