Christian Movie Reviews - No Country For Old Men

Christian movie reviews don't neccessarily have to be about Christian movies.

In this case, it definitely does not. We're going to discuss the Oscar winner for best picture - "No Country for Old Men."

Every year, the Oscar's select the so-called "best" movie of the year. This year, they selected "No Country for Old Men." Was it really the best movie of the year? In my opinion...not even close.

This does have all the makings of a good movie. It's original, has great acting, a fast moving story, etc. However, by the end of the movie, there's a good chance you're going to be angry. You'll probably wish that you wouldn't have just wasted two hours of your life.

Some people obviously liked this film, considering it won an Oscar. But unless you like wide open endings that don't resolve anything, you'll probably be of the same opinion as me.

Every year the Oscar geniuses select some weird movie that isn't really that great (with the exception of Lord of the Rings). It's almost like they're a bunch of teenage boys, selecting movies that they claim are the best, just so they can tick people off when they watch it. I'm not going to give away the ending, but it could be the worst ending in the history of cinema.

As far as your Christian faith is concerned, it's a pretty rough movie. You're going to witness several gruesome murders by a deranged psychopath. You'll hear some foul language along the way also. This is definitely not a movie to let the kids watch. For that matter, you might as well just steer clear of it yourself.

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