Christian Movie Reviews - There Will Be Blood

In this edition of Christian Movie Reviews we look at one of the nominees for best picture - "There Will Be Blood."

This movie features Daniel Day Lewis and was supposedly one of the best pictures of the year. If you've seen my review for "No Country for Old Men", the same thing applies here. Whoever is voting for the Oscar's seriously needs to have their head examined.

If I was in charge of naming this movie, I would rename it "There Will Be Boredom". This is possibly the most pointless movie in the history of cinema. I always keep telling myself that "if a movie is nominated for the Oscar's, it's gotta be good, right?" Well I am officially against this stance from now on. In fact, I am now less likely to watch a movie as a result of it's Oscar nomination.

You know it's never a good thing when a three hour movie ends, you're wishing you could have your three hours back. This is exactly the feeling that I was left with after the credits mercifully ended this train-wreck of a movie.

Throughout the movie, I kept rationalizing my decision to keep watching. "Surely something interesting is going to happen." "This is going to get interesting eventually, right?""If this movie ends like this, it will be the worst movie ever made."

As it turns out, it never got better, and I am going to crown it as the worst movie ever made. I know it's pretty harsh. It's tough to single out one movie as the worst movie ever made. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and do just that. I won't lose a minute of sleep over doing so either.

We're all busy people and not many of us have two or three hours to simply throw out the window. So as my gift to you, I'm going to save you wasting hours of your life. Don't let the Oscar crowd tempt you into wasting your life anymore. Life is too short. If you never listen to one of my Christian movie reviews again, listen to this one. DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE!!

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