Christian Movie - Fireproof

If you are interested in seeing a good Christian movie, look no further than Fireproof. This movie was made by the same people as Facing the Giants (another good movie) and it definitely lives up to expectations.

In this edition of movie reviews, we are going to take a look at the marriage-inspired Fireproof to see what it has to offer.

As we have seen in many other Christian movies, a lot of these low-budget movies do not have very good actors. In fact, if you saw Facing the Giants, you are ever how terrible the acting was. Luckily, they had an amazing story to bail out the actors. In Fireproof, this definitely was not the case. They brought in one of the biggest Christian actors around in Kirk Cameron. If you ever saw Growing Pains, you know how good of an actor he can be. He definitely lived up to the billing in this one.

This movie tells the story of a couple that is struggling to make things work. Regardless of how hard the husband thinks he's trying, the wife wants to get a divorce. Then the husband's father steps in and issues him a challenge. He gives them a copy of a book called "The Love Dare." This is a book that gives him a different step to complete for the next 40 days. The husband goes on to try to complete this list of challenges while the movie chronicles the adventure.

If you are married, you definitely want to see this movie. It is a great show and it makes you want to try to improve your own marriage as much as possible. It opens your eyes and makes you realize that even sometimes when you are not trying to offend your spouse, you might be driving them away from you.

If you have not seen this movie yet, you need to go out and rent the DVD immediately. If your marriage is struggling, it might be the inspiration that you need to try to make it work with your partner.

Hopefully this Christian movie review will help you get an idea of what is to come when watching the DVD. They aren't going to win any Oscars for this one, but it will definitely make you think.

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