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Maggie's Passage

In this installment of Christian movies, we look at Maggie's Passage. Find out what you can expect from this Christian film.

Maggie's Passage is a Christian film made by 2nd Fiddle Entertainment. 2nd Fiddle is an entertainment company that is owned by Mike Norris. As it turns out, Mike Norris is legendary actor Chuck Norris' son, which is quite the coincidence since we highlighted some of the jokes based on him here. Although Mike Norris is related, he is doing his own thing with 2nd Fiddle Entertainment, and doing it quite well, I might add.

In Maggie's Passage, Mike is one of the stars of the show in addition to making the film.

The Basic Premise

The movie is centered around a girl named Maggie and her trials. Maggie is an adopted girl who runs away from home and loses her way. The beginning of the movie highlights the tough struggles that Maggie is going through. She gets mixed up in the wrong crowd, to say the least.

When things seem like they couldn't get much worse, Maggie runs across a homeless woman named Grace and a kind man who reminds her a lot of her father.

Without spelling out the entire story for you, the movie shows how God can use events like these to strengthen you. Even when it seems like your life is completely over, God can provide a miracle and pull you up out of the depths.

The Verdict

We really enjoyed this movie and if you're looking for an inspirational story, you probably will too. This isn't a big budget Hollywood summer blockbuster, but that doesn't really matter. What it lacks in special effects, it more than makes up for with substance.

It's really hard to go wrong with a story about God's grace and love. We would recommend that you go out and get a copy of the movie or watch it in some other way.

More Information

If you want to check out the movie and get more information, visit 2nd Fiddle Entertainment's site .

On their site, you can see a trailer for the movie and you can order a copy. If at all possible, get a copy of this movie. You can watch it yourself, then let someone else watch it. It also makes a great gift for Christians and non-believers alike.

Supporting good Christian films like this helps spread the message of Christ. If we won't support these movies, you know other people aren't going to. Then before you know it, the only choices we have at the theater involve sex, drugs and violence. Stand up for family movies and at least check out Maggie's Passage.

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