Christian Music Artists

There are many Christian music artists out there in a variety of different genres. Regardless of what type of music you listen to, you should be able to find some great Christian acts to follow. Here are a few of the more popular Christian bands and performers on the scene right now.

12 Stones

The band 12 Stones is not necessarily a "Christian band," however they are Christians. Regardless of whether they sing secular lyrics or Christian lyrics, it is still good to have famous people that are willing to knowledge a relationship with Jesus. Their career really started to take off when they appeared with Evanescence and their song "Bring Me To Life." However, if you are not familiar with their solo work, you should definitely check them out.


If you have spent any amount time reading this site, you most likely already know that I love Switchfoot. They are really talented band that keeps putting out great music. Their smash hit "Meant to Live" brought them onto the scene, but they were not done there. If you don't believe that they have put out any good music since then, check out the song "Stars."


Chevelle is another one of those bands that is Christian but does not necessarily sing Christian rock. They are one of the most successful bands in the alternative rock industry today. They are very heavy band but have kept their music clean over the years.

The Fray

The Fray successfully crossed into the mainstream radio. They are a very big band in today's market. Just listen to one of the top 40 radio stations if you don't believe me. After listening to lead singers voice for a few seconds you should be able to see why.


Anberlin is a great young band that has a lot of musical talent. Check out their song "Feel Good Drag" to get an idea of their style.

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