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In this edition of Christian News Online, we take a look at a Topeka, Kansas man in the church daycare.

"Man in Church Daycare Wonders if This is Really God's Will For Him"

Topeka, KS - An area man at the First Baptist Church recently began wondering if the church daycare was really the place for him. The question began in his mind during the 6th soiled diaper change of the day and remained there throughout the morning. Dave Turner, a long time member of the church was unceremoniously dragged into helping out in the daycare by his wife almost three years ago.

"Is this really the place for me? Surely there are some other ministries out there that could use me. The whole shrill, eardrum-piercing shriek that emanates from 3/4 of the kids in here isn't something that really appeals to me," said Turner. "I know they're the future of the church, but seriously? Did you see that kid that always has snot running down his nose? Are you kidding me? It's 82 degrees outside. How does he have a cold right now? I can't take this anymore."

Other patrons have noticed that Turner wasn't exactly into the daycare services, but have refrained from saying anything.

"Honestly, Dave has seemed a little distracted for the last few months, " says Daycare Director Jan Nolan. "If we didn't have free graham crackers and juice boxes, I think he would have left a long time ago."

Turner has recently started to think of other ways for him to serve.

"What about the bus ministry? Who am I kidding? I could never drive a bus. Maybe the foreign outreach program. Although every time I see those videos, there are a lot of little kids in most of those places. I'll have to keep thinking," said Turner.

As of press time, Turner was still in the Daycare on his third box of Juicy Juice.

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