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Legendary Rock Band 'The Who' Raises Swine Flu Pandemic Level

London England- In another move in response to the growing concern of the swine flu, English rock band The Who, raised the pandemic threat level to 5 today. Confirmed cases of the new strain of swine flu escalated past 100 today across the world.

"We thought that we needed to take action to let the world know that a pandemic is approaching," said lead singer Roger Daltrey.

The United Nations first put The Who in charge of all global health related matters in 1948 in Geneva, Switzerland. Due to their infectious sounds and extensive background in contagious diseases, they were the logical choice.

"We conferred with several of the world's top flu experts and decided that this was the best way to go," said Pete Townshend. "Every country should immediately start their pandemic preparedness plans. Everyone is at risk here."

After the announcement the band went back to their studio to record for their new studio album. They'll also be touring in support of the album as well as world health.

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