What is the Christian Religion?

The Christian religion is well-known all over the world today. Even though it is not as popular as it once was in today's society, there are many individuals that still call themselves Christians. So what exactly does this religion entail? Here are a a few things to consider.

First of all, you should realize that this is not a set of rules or regulations that you have to live by. The essence of the teachings of the Bible is that you have to develop a relationship with Jesus. No one can save themselves by works. If that was the case, you would definitely be destined for hell.

Luckily, Jesus came to our world in the form of a man. He died for our sins and conquered the institution of sin in general. Now, the only way that you can be saved is to ask Jesus to come into your life. You have to accept Him and receive the gift of the Holy Sprit. Beyond that, nothing else is going to work. You can say as many credos as you want, complete as many rituals as you want or do 100 good deeds per day. If you do not accept Jesus, you are still not going to be saved.

The essence of the religion is a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The naysayers can laugh if they want. The doubters can doubt. Just know that God has provided a way for you to be saved and you should definitely take Him up on His offer.

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