Christian Rock

Christian rock is a genre that many people misunderstand. There are a lot of great Christian bands out there that do not necessarily label themselves as Christian outfits.

Instead, they just make great music and they happen to be Christians at the same time. A lot of these bands take a lot of flack for "going mainstream."

Isn't the point of creating music in the first place so that it can become popular. No one makes music because they hope everyone thinks it will suck. Ultimately, you want to please God and please other people with your music. If this is the case, why should anyone ever give a band any negativity over "selling out" and going mainstream?

We need Christians in every profession in the world. We need Christian doctors, Christian lawyers, and Christian sales representatives. We do not expect them to label themselves as such in the market. So why should we expect every band to do the same thing? Why can't we just have great musicians that are good Christians? They can lead by example, but they should also be allowed to write songs about regular life. Some people are good at writing worship songs and some people are good at writing regular songs. Everyone has their place and does an equally important job for God.

At the same time, there is nothing wrong with the rock bands that designate themselves as Christians on the radio. Those that play only for Christian radio are very important as well. Just keep in mind that you should not try to put every band into the same mold as Christians.

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