Christian Sayings With a Twist

Brad Stine sheds a whole new light on some of our worn out Christian sayings. He gives new meaning to the term Christian humor.

If you've ever been to Promise Keeper's there's a good chance you'll remember him. If you've never seen him before, prepare to laugh (I find the video about "Guys and Girls" especially funny).

He kind of reminds me of a Dennis Leary without all the profanity. He's probably just as "in-your-face" as him, though. If you like these clips, be sure to check out some of his other work. He has three DVD's that I know of and more on the way. If he's ever in a city near you, be sure to won't regret it.

Some of the things we say as Christians are downright ridiculous. Sometimes, it takes one of your own to point them out.

He takes on Liberals without an apology. He stands up for Christians of all denominations. Laugh and enjoy.


If you like what you see, do a search for "Brad Stine" and you'll see all of his DVD's. They are all great in their own right, but as I've mentioned elsewhere, "Put a Helmet On" is my favorite.


Toilet Seat

This is so freakin' true. My wife says almost exactly the same thing. Why have I never fallen in the toilet? I sit on the toilet also and I have the common sense to look and see if the seat is down. Ladies? You got some splainin' to do.

Guys and Girls

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