Christian Stories

There are a number of Christian stories out there that are uplifting and can teach you a valuable lesson about how to live life.

If you are looking for a way to learn something valuable, check out some of these classic Bible tales.

David and Goliath

How could you come up with a list about some of the best stories out there and not bring up David and Goliath? This story truly has it all. You've a young boy coming into the middle of a war. Then you have a king put the entire fate of the country onto this little boy's shoulders. Can you even imagine this happening in today's world? Think if during World War II, the United States sent a single child over into Germany and said, "Good luck killing Hitler, kid! We're rooting for ya!" Although it seems crazy when you think about it, this is actually what happened. The only reason that this even had a chance that working is because David had faith in God. Whenever you have the faith of this boy, you can literally do anything. Who is going to be able to stop you if you have God on your side?

Baalam's Donkey

Another one of my personal favorite stories is the tale of Baalam and his donkey. Anytime you are dealing with a talking animal, you've got the makings of a good story. In this case, Baalam had just finished beating his donkey and then it ended up talking back to him.

Noah and the Ark

Another classic tale is that of Noah and the Ark. Can you imagine the entire earth being covered with water? If you can't, just go see the movie 2012 and you'll get a nice visual of this concept. With this scenario, God decided to wipe out the entire world except for one family. Luckily for us, Noah decided to put up with every animal that we currently see on the planet. Although I would've been perfectly fine if he would have somehow forgot to bring spiders on the Ark with him.

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