Childhood Development at Christian Summer Camps

Today we have a guest post about Christian summer camps. Enjoy this informative article from Cho-Yeh camp in Houston, Texas. They are one of the most popular Christian summer camps in the US and they have a lot to offer kids.

It’s rough being a kid these days. That sentence sounds a little facetious, I know, but it’s surprisingly true.

It seems like the formative years of a child’s development are being cut shorter and shorter all the time, and the only opportunities they have to build their character and personality and, well, be a kid, are delivered through digital channels.

I’m not one of those people that claim is the sign of an impending breakdown in our society, but I am one of those that think there are some experiences that a lot of kids are missing.

This is a gap that a lot of Christian summer camps are trying to fill. Summer camps have always been a great way for kids to get away from home and start building their independence, but these camps have a special focus on developing a Christ-centered experience that will stick with the kids as they learn more about themselves.

Helping Kids Grow:

• Socially – Give your kids a chance to make connections with others in a Christ-centered community. It won’t be long until they’re making friends, interacting with new people, and creating relationships that will last beyond the week they’re at camp.

• Emotionally – It’s difficult for many kids to be away from their families for the first time, but it’s when they overcome these difficulties that they really start to grow and to understand who they are.

• Intellectually – The Internet may offer a world of information, but most people learn by experiencing things. When kids get outside and participate in many different activities, they will develop a taste for learning and trying new things. They are learning to learn – which is a valuable asset for a developing child.

• Morally – With so many influences surrounding children, it can be hard to make sure they are exposed to the morals and ethics that will help them build character. Christian summer camps have a wide range of fun activities, but they all revolve around a central focus on strong moral character.

• Physically – Depending on the camp, you could experience archery, boating, swimming, fishing, organized sports, ropes courses and more. One of the many summer camps in Texas offers trail riding and wakeboarding, while one in California has zip lines and paddle boats.

• Spiritually – This is one of the hardest things to cultivate in the modern world. There is just too much going on to really step back and develop yourself on a spiritual level. Christian camps provide a unique opportunity to step away from everything else and really let your spiritual side start to grow.

Having Fun

Do you remember fun? It used to happen without much effort. It could sneak up on you when you least expected it. Now, though, fun seems to come with strictly defined boundaries, and while it still doesn’t take much effort, it seems to take a lot of time – and that is something a lot of people aren’t willing to give up. Whether you are going to one of those Texas retreats or somewhere back east, these camps are a great way to make the time for some real fun again. Yes, there is a schedule that they follow, but this is a chance for your kids to simply be kids again. Kids don’t need a gaming console to have fun when everyone around them is looking for the next activity, the next event, or the next project. For years we have been encouraging our kids to develop as fast as possible, but taking time to enjoy a summer camp experience can help them develop the characteristics that will last a lifetime.

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