Christian Time Management

The area of Christian time management is something that many Christians struggle with from time to time.

In today's fast-paced society, it seems like there are definitely not enough hours in the day. Here are a few things to consider about how to manage your time more effectively.

If you are like the normal person in today's society, you have a number of things that you have to accomplish everyday. This becomes even more amplified if you have children. You start out by getting yourself and your kids ready for the day. You prepare breakfast, you get dressed, get your kids dressed, and try to scramble out the door so that you make it to school and work on time. Then throughout the day, you struggle to get the work done that you need to get done. After work, you fill your time with extracurricular activities for the kids and other things for yourself. If you are lucky, you get a few hours a week to simply relax with your family.

Although this might not sound like a very enjoyable way to live, it is reality for the majority of the population.

If you would like to get a better hold on your time and what you are able to accomplish, there are things that you can do. One of the best exercises that I have used is something that was taught by the personal improvement guru Earl Nightingale. He said, "I do not try to manage time. Time cannot be managed. Instead, I manage my activities."

This is good advice that each one of us should follow.

Start by planning your day out the night before. If you wait until the day of to plan, you will find that there is not enough time to do that.

Take a piece of paper and write out the five most important things that you need to accomplish the next day. At that point, rank them in priority of the most important to the least important.

Whenever the day starts, you are going to immediately start working on the most important thing right off the bat. You do not look at number two or move on until you have completed the most important thing. When you complete the first task, move on to the second task and so on. You will find that by doing this, you are going to accomplish much more in your everyday life.

If you do not complete all of the tasks working this way, do not worry about it. You will be able to pick up where you left off tomorrow. If you cannot complete them with this method, you definitely would not have been able to complete them with any other method. Try this Christian time management technique in your daily practice for a few weeks and you will notice a big difference in what you are able to accomplish.

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