Christian Video Clips - Facing the Giants

As far as Christian video clips go, this one from Facing the Giants is one of the more inspirational. Not only is it Christian in nature, it ties in perfectly with the overall message of this website.

It shows how we should never let preconceived notions affect what we do in the future. Anything truly is possible. If you let the opinions of the mass influence you, you'll never accomplish what you are truly capable of.

In this clip, the coach proves a valuable point to his players. Once the player takes out his sensory factors and relies on his mind, the results are nothing less than astonishing.

The first time I saw this clip, I was greatly inspired. Prepare to be moved.

As you watch, try to apply the message to your own life. If we'd all just stop focusing on the physical world, we could accomplish so much more.

Facing the Giants

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