Christian Websites

There are many great Christian websites out there and all of them have something to offer those of the Christian faith. Some of them are better than others (like The Modern Christian) but they all have good things about them. Here are a few of my favorite websites in this genre for you to check out.

Living Hope Press

Do you ever find yourself questioning your faith? If so, you are definitely not alone. In fact, this website is based on a man named Ralph Bass and the information that he discovered when he started to question his faith after being a Christian for many years. You will definitely want to check this out at Living Hope Press.


GodTube is one of the most popular sites out there and it has some great videos on it. As the name suggests, it is a lot like YouTube. You are going to be able to search for videos and check them out without downloading any type of video player. With this site, all of the videos are Christian in nature. You can find everything from Christian music to humor to cartoons. Definitely a great way to kill some time when you're not reading this site of course.

Another popular site that you should consider checking out is They have a little bit of everything over there. Regardless of what you are into, you will most likely be able to find it on this site. They have testimonials by famous Christians, books, videos, articles, and much more. Just the fact that they were able to get a domain such as is pretty impressive in my book.

Christian Answers

Another awesome site that can come in really handy is Christian Answers. This is a good one to go to if you ever need help researching a Biblical topic. For example, if you are trying to come up with a lesson for your Sunday school class or you are in the middle of a debate with someone, you can always pull up this site to find your answer.

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