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In this edition of Christian world news we take a look at a controversial new movie.

New Michael Moore Movie Finally Proves George Bush Was Evil

After years of speculation, innuendo, and tireless research, Michael Moore has finally accomplished his goal. His new movie entitled, "See...I Told Ya So" catches Bush red handed in the act.

"Some of the video I was able to get my hands on for this documentary was nothing short of remarkable. Like that shot of Bush sitting next to Bin-Laden on a fishing boat off the coast of Maryland. They were sipping cocktails and high-fiving each other. I just thought the American public would want to know about this."

When prompted as to why the video looked like it was CG, Moore responded, "What are you talking about? That was so President Bush out there. That was not computer animation of him and Bin-Laden in the boat."

When asked why Pixar was a partner in the movie, Moore answered, "Pixar does other stuff too ya know. They're not just computer animation."

When asked why in the credits of the movie under the category "Voice Actors" next to George Bush it said Will Ferrell's name, Moore responded, "Umm...What's that over there?" He then turned and sprinted off of the set.

Moore was later unavailable for comment. However, according to him, he has now proven beyond the shadow of a doubt what he failed to prove in Fahrenheit 911. Check out his straight-to-DVD masterpiece "See...I Told Ya So" for yourself.

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