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Trying to find Christian movies can be tough. While it doesn't directly come out and say it is a Christian movie, The Lord of the Rings deals with Christian themes. It is one of the most succesful movies of all time. Although technically, it's three movies, for this review we'll look at it as one. It's pretty much just one really long story. In fact if you watched it all from beginning to end on the extended dvd's you'd be sitting for about 15 hours in a row (some people actually did that in the theater if you believe it.)

In my humble opinion, Lord of the Rings is one of the best movies ever made. It is based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien. The books themselves had quite a following and now the movie has only multiplied the fans. Tolkien was a Christian man and many Christian themes come through in the story. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to any family's that are looking for an entertaining movie to watch. You won't find any curse words or sexual themes. If you have little kids, they might be scared by the bad guys, but they'll enjoy it when they're older.

The basic story centers around Frodo the Hobbit. He comes into possession of a ring with significant powers. It just so happens that the Dark Lord Sauron is trying to get it back. If this happens, it basically means the end of mankind (no pressure Frodo). So with the help of his friends (The Fellowship of the Ring), they try to destroy the ring. The only catch to this is that the only place it can be destroyed is in the fires of Mt. Doom which is closely guarded by Sauron himself.

If you like a good story filled with action, drama, and amazing special effects, then The Lord of the Rings is definitely for you. If you don't like any of that stuff...well what do you like exactly? Check it out on DVD. If you've got an extra hour to spend on each, get the extended DVD. It gives you some more insight and a few cool things in each story. If you're having trouble finding Christian movies to watch with your kids, give it a try.

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