Christ-Inspired Decor Ideas

by Zach Daniel
(Texas, USA)

Christ-Inspired Decor Ideas

Living every day as a Christian is an impossible task, which can only be accomplished by the grace of God. Gospel-inspired décor can help families remember they serve Christ each day. It also is an unimposing way to proclaim one’s Christian faith to others, without alienating non-Christians. Here are seven Christian-inspired décor ideas.

Hooks with Scripture

Every home needs a place to hang miscellaneous items. It is nice to have a place where keys go, or where a purse can be hung. Installing a set of small hooks near the primary entrance and exit used is convenient. If there is a scripture verse written above these hooks, it will serve as a regular reminder of the faith.

Framed Prayer

Many families hang a prayer somewhere in the house. This may be a cultural prayer, such as an Irish Blessing, a thanksgiving prayer or a plea for blessing. Displaying a personally-relevant prayer is a way to tell others about one’s faith, and to remind oneself to pray. These hung prayers are often painted or woven, and sometimes are framed with a picture.

Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is the first decoration guests will see, and it sets the tone for the entire home’s atmosphere. Generic mats with geometric shapes complete their task. People can wipe their feet on them. However, a mat that expresses a family’s love for their guests shows the hospitality and love Christians have through Jesus.


There are many Christian figurines, which people can place on end tables or bookshelves. There are angels and people from the Bible. Some are made from wood; others are constructed out of stone. There is a figuration that will perfectly match any home’s décor.


The cross is the main symbol of Christianity. Ever since Jesus died on the cross in place of sinners, to take away their sins and give them his righteousness, Christians have reflected on the symbol with wonder. Hanging a cross in a home is a simple way to remind a family daily of what Jesus did for them. Like figurines, crosses come in many shapes and sizes. Decorators should select one that will match a room’s décor.

Family Bible

With the prevalence of phones, laptops and netbooks, physical Bibles are becoming rarer and rarer. There is less of a practical reason to carry a large Bible around than there used to be. Although it may never be read (perhaps due to size), a large and beautiful family Bible can serve as an anchor for a bookshelf, or entry way mainstay. With leather covers and gold edges, they act as a cornerstone among a shelf of books, or room. Often, these can be engraved to turn them into family heirlooms.

Seasonal Decorations

Christians celebrate a variety of holidays. Displaying seasonal decorations can help families remember the reason for the season. In the midst of the commercialism of Christmas, a nativity set or advent wreath serves as visual reminders of the reason people celebrate Jesus’ birthday. At Easter, gazing upon a cross can help people remember that Jesus rose from the dead. These also serve as tools parents can use to teach their children about these holidays.

Christian décor serves as a visual reminder and subtle proclamation of a family’s faith in Jesus. As people look at these decorations every day, they will know who you and your house serve. If it is the Lord, consider how Christian-inspired décor might be a tool God can use to strengthen your daily faith.

Author Bio: Zach D. writes for Design55, a modern homewares and gifts shop on the web. Christmas decorations now up!

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