Church Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to church fundraising ideas, many churches tend to struggle in this department.

If your church needs money for some type of mission project or something else, a good fundraiser could be exactly what you need. However, you might find yourself at a loss for ideas. Some people think Christian finance subjects are somewhat taboo and should not be discussed at length. Here are a few of the best ideas that you should try out with your church.

Doughnut Sales

One overlooked option that you have is to have a doughnut sale. You could work in conjunction with a local doughnut store such as Krispy Kreme in order to supply the doughnuts. Krispy Kreme actually has a fundraiser program that you can utilize with your church group. They give you a healthy percentage of the profits from the sale. Who doesn't love a good Krispy Kreme doughnut anyway, right? Try focusing on the raspberry jelly filled ones and your church group will have plenty of money for its purposes.

Bake Sale

Even though it might seem like a cliché at this point, having a bake sale can also be a good way to come up with money for your church group. People still loved baked goods the last time I checked. Therefore, you might as well hook up with some of the best cooks at your church and ask them for help. Set up on a local street corner and sell those pies, cakes, and cookies until your financial goals are met.

Silent Auction

Another way that you could raise money for a church function is through a silent auction. With a silent auction, you will go around and collect donations from area businesses. The businesses will get free advertising at the event and they will also get to show off their products. Everyone at the event can go around and bid on the items on display. This is one of the best church fundraising ideas and it can raise some serious cash for your group in a hurry. You also don't have to put up with the annoying auctioneer routine because its silent.

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