Comparisons of Christian Religions

Comparisons of Christian religions will show that each one keeps the same basic truths, but each denomination believes different things. Modern Christianity has come a long way from it's roots. In order to know where we are and where we're headed, it's good to know a little about Christian religion history. While you may go to a non-denominational Christian church, you probably believe a lot of the same things as your Baptist friends. We're not all so different. Let's look at some of the differences and make a few comparisons of Christian religions.

While the Christian religion as a whole centers on certain beliefs, there are several divisions within it. By looking at comparisons of Christian religions, we will see how many divisions there actually are. Christianity can be broken down into three main groupings: Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant (although there are many more smaller divisions).

One of the common denominators in all of the denominations is the use of the Bible and the cross. Each Christian sect uses the Bible as their guide. Some focus just on the New Testament while others prefer the Old Testament books .However, certain denominations do not use the Bible exclusively. For example, the Catholics use the Bible and the Apocrypha. The Apocrypha are basically "extra" books that were written during the Old Testament time period. These books were not accepted into the cannon that we use today.

Catholics read the Apocrypha and Baptists would consider it unnecessary reading. The Bible is really the only book needed for non-denominational Christians and Baptists. It is inspired by God and written by man. What else could you need? (I'm not biased or anything).

Another huge difference is in the area of salvation. Catholics believe that you are saved at baptism and then it can be lost. Depending on what you do after your save determines whether you get to go to heaven. On the other side of the spectrum, Baptists believe once you're're saved. They are saved by grace and not works. Personally I don't see any other way to be saved. If it was up to us to be perfect after we're saved, pretty much no one would go to heaven.

There are several other differences between the denominations. For example, Mary is a subject of controversy between them. Catholics believe that Mary was perfect. She never committed a sin in her life. She is the "Mother of God" and the "New Eve". They believe that Mary never died, but she was taken up into heaven. They have several creeds and rituals involving Mary. Protestants do not believe this. They all believe in the virgin birth, but that's about it. After that, she's pretty much a regular person. She sinned and she died. She was obviously a great human being in the course of history, but divine she was not.

Many more subjects become stumbling blocks for the different Christian denominations. The subject of divorce is another topic that many disagree on. Does God allow it? Is it adultery? etc. Most denominations have different theories on the subject.

While it's obvious that we disagree on many issues, everyone holds the same basic virtues as important; honesty, giving , peace, patience, discipline etc. All of us must also find ways to witness to others. So we all have common ground to work with. Here are a few examples of how you can do just that.

Christian religion history is a touchy subject for some people. Making a few simple comparisons of christian religions can cause huge fights. Just looking at religion in the United States will give you an idea of just how much diversity there is out there. We can all agree on certain things. Like if you don't know Jesus, you're not saved. Beyond that we could argue until we're blue in the face...but what would it solve. Our energy can be better spent in other endeavors.

While it's obvious that we disagree on many issues, everyone holds the same basic virtues as important; honesty, giving, peace, patience, discipline etc. We all believe that you must surrender your life to God. All of us must also find ways to witness to others. So we all have common ground to work with.

For more information on any aspect of your faith, visit your local Christian bookstore. They can help you find what you're looking for regardless of the topic. You might also want to get some help from some of these Christian magazines. A great online resource about Christianity is the website They have a very good perspective on Christianity and how it is God's. The main thing is focusing on God and this website will help you do just that. It will help you gain an understanding in comparisons of Christian religions.

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