by Nicole R. Jack

One of the greatest discoveries I have made is finding out the Lord works through our pain.

Father God is acutely aware of life’s hardships and heart breaks. He walks alongside us to hold us up, and sometimes carries us when we can’t find the strength or the will to carry on.

He is our comforter, our life preserver. He is with us during life’s storms, floods and tornados.

He is there through the millstone of tears and the moments of utter wretchedness. He stands as our pillar, our rock, preventing the waves of life’s circumstances from destroying us.

Through all the various trials and tribulations life throws our way, I have discovered we, all of us can emerge stronger and more assured of God’s awesome grace.

For I have discovered He is close to the broken in the heart and binds up their wounds. He will also never, ever leave the righteous forsaken.

Praise his Holy name Amen.

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