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90 Minutes in Heaven Review

Christian author Don Piper wrote a book entitled 90 Minutes in Heaven, which talks about his near deah experience and the 90 minutes that he claimed to see Heaven.

It is a similar concept to the book "Heaven is For Real." Here are the basics of what this book is about and whether you should check it out.

90 Minutes in Heaven

The Premise

The basic idea behind the book is a biographical account of what happened to Don Piper. Apparently, he experienced a devastating car wreck and was pronounced dead on the scene. After 90 minutes of laying there lifelessly, a pastor was compelled to pray over him and he came back to life. During this 90 minute period, he claims that he was in Heaven.

Potential Issues

Although the basic idea behind this book sounds interesting, the delivery is less than desirable. He spends about 15 pages of a 200 page book talking about what Heaven was like. He says that he basically stayed on the outskirts of Heaven and did not see Jesus or God. Everyone there was the same age they were when he last saw them.

To me, this almost seems like a hallucination that he experienced in his mind somehow. I don't really know what to make of it. The book "Heaven is for Real" seemed to fit more in line with what is taught in the Bible, which is what I believe. In that book, the boy talked about spending time with Jesus, seeing God, the angels and John the Baptist. He saw people in a younger and more perfect version of themselves. Piper's version of Heaven does not coincide with this or the Bible and he doesn't really go into detail.

I'm not going to definitively say that he did not go to heaven, but from what he says in the book, I have a hard time believing that he did.

The Good

The good thing about this book is that it does attempt to help others believe in Heaven and it brings up the issue of eternal salvation. Anytime you can have a book on the New York Times bestseller's list and its main focus is leading people to Christ, you can't complain too much. It is also pretty interesting reading about how he was pronounced dead for such a long period of time and then came back to life.

The Verdict

If you haven't read this book, I would probably say skip it. If you're interested in hearing about Heaven, I would recommend checking out "Heaven is For Real" by Todd Burpo. It seems to go along with scripture better and is more believable.

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