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Anne Bradstreet: Pilgrim and Poet

Faith Cook is a talented Christian author, whose latest book is about Anne Bradstreet. What's that? You don't know who Anne Bradstreet is? You're not alone, but you need to hear her story. Bradstreet was one of the early Puritans who made their way to America to escape religous tyranny. Find out what the book has to offer in this Christian book review.

Premise of the Book

The book, Anne Bradstreet: Pilgrim and Poet, is a biographical account of the life of Anne Bradstreet. She is a relatively unknown character in the history of America, but her story is definitely interesting, to say the least. This book tells about Anne's life coming to America, her love of writing poetry and her struggle to live life as a believer of Christ.

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Interesting Elements

This book has a lot of interesting elements in it, which could be enjoyed by Christians of all ages and backgrounds. It really helps you get a good look at what Christians from other eras had to go through to remain believers. If you were a woman during this time period, your struggle was even that much harder. For example, Anne loved to write poetry about Jesus, but the men of her time didn't exactly think that she should do such a thing. Her husband was a politician, which means he didn't approve of her making him look bad.

She dealt with a lot of tragedy and hardship in her life. However, with the love of Jesus, she was able to get through the heartache and the pain.

In addition to the biographical account of Bradstreet's life, you also get treated to some excerpts of her actual poetry. She was undoubtedly a talented poet and writer. When combined with the talented writings of Faith Cook, it makes for a welcome combination.

What You May Not Like

There isn't really much to dislike about this book. Some people may not be particularly interested in colonial life or poetry. I think that the book can be enjoyed by a lot of different types of people because of the easy-to-read style of Cook and the historical aspect of the writing.

The Verdict

If you like books about this time period, you will probably like this one. Cook is a very talented writer and she has done a good job with this subject matter. You may not have known about Anne Bradstreet before, but after reading this book, you'll have a good idea of what she went through.

If you want to check out the book, search for "Anne Bradstreet" in the Amazon search box. It's always good to support Christian writers like Cook, when you have the chance. Without your support, Christian writers may not have the means to keep putting out great content.

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