Good Clean Christian Jokes

Here are a few good clean Christian jokes for you. Hopefully you'll laugh, you'll cry (tears of laughter) and you'll come back for more.

While these good clean Christian jokes may not make you roll in the floor, hopefully they'll elicit at least a snicker.

The Bad Apple

Jim never learned to read and write. When he got old enough to get a job, he had difficulty locating one. No one had a need for someone who was illiterate.

In his frustration, he thought surely the church will take me in. Maybe they have something I could do for them. So he applied for the janitor's position at the First Baptist Church. He went in for an interview and the pastor was very nice. They talked for a few minutes before discussing the job itself.

"Jim, you seem like a great guy. I really like you. However, you not being able to read or write is going to be a problem. I'm sorry, but we can only hire someone that is literate for this position."

"I understand," said Jim. Silently, he was devastated. Even the church couldn't help him? What would he do now?

Jim was always the type to land on his feet, so he was not about to give up yet. He got the idea to open a fruit stand in town. He only had the finest fruits and vegetables at his stand and took great pride in customer service.

After a few months, his fruit stand was a success! He was so happy that he decided to open a second fruit stand. This one also became successful. After the first two stands, he expanded again and again. Within a few years his fruit stands were the most successful fruit stands in the entire state. Jim had become very wealthy and successful with fruit.

One day Jim met with a prospective buyer who was interested in his business. The buyer offered Jim a substantial amount of money for the business and Jim was interested. The buyer handed Jim a legal document and told him to look it over and see if he liked the terms. Jim took the document and looked at the gentleman.

"Sir, you're going to have to summarize this for me. I never learned to read or write."

The man looked at Jim in disbelief.

"You've got to be kidding me. You built this entire fruit empire without being able to read or write? How is this possible? Do you have any idea where you would be today if you had learned to read?"

"Yes. I'd be the janitor at the First Baptist Church!"

What? You want more? I guess in order to live up to the title of good clean Christian jokes, we should at least have more than one. you go.

Jesus is Watching

A 17 year-old boy snuck in the window of his new girlfriend’s house. She wasn’t aware that he was coming over.

He thought it would be a great way to surprise her, since it was 2:00 a.m. Shortly after entering the window; he was startled by a crackling voice.

The voice said, “Jesus is watching you.” He quickly looked around the room for the girl’s father. No one around. He thought his fear of being caught might be playing tricks on his mind, so he continued on towards the bedroom.

The voice then spoke up again, “Jesus is watching you.” The boy turned around quickly.

“Who’s there?” he asked.

“Judas,” squawked a parrot on the other side of the room.

“Judas? Who would name a parrot Judas?” asked the boy.

“The same people who would name a Pit Bull Jesus,” said the parrot.

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