Karen Kingsbury

Christian Author Spotlight

Karen Kingsbury is one of the more prolific and better-known Christian authors in the world today. Kingsbury started out as a sports author for the Los Angeles times and then wrote for the Los Angeles Daily News.

At that point, she realized that she could write fiction and wrote her first book, called Missy's Murder. Since that time, she has gone on to write many successful books and win awards.

What She Writes

Karen Kingsbury has a very easy-to-read style that is extremely descriptive and entertaining. Once you start reading one of her novels, it will be tough to put down.

karen kingsbury

She's really good at her craft and she has a gift from God. Although she writes Christian fiction books, they have a lot to offer as far as the Christian faith goes. You'll get some entertainment value and a boost for your Christian faith at the same time. She writes books based in modern times, mostly about individual characters. Many of her books have a love element to them and explore personal themes as well.


In addition to writing more than 40 novels, she has also ventured into the songwriting field and wrote her first song. Besides books and songs, she has also had several of her books turned into movies. For example, the book Gideon's Gift is in production and Like Dandelion Dust has already been turned into a movie. Her books have also won a number of awards.

Looking for some of Karen's books? Just search for her name in the Amazon search box to the right and you'll see a whole collection of her works to choose from. You defenitely will not be disappointed.


It's hard to pick out some of the best with such a talented author as her. In 2007, she won the book of the year award from the ECPA for Ever After. The Redemption Series is another one of her most popular writings. This is a series of five books that won the 2005 Retailer's Choice award for an inspirational series. You really can't go wrong with any of her books, but these are some of the best of her career.

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