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This Kay Morris biography was provided by the Kay Morris Foundation. They are a great missions program that helps many people around the world. Just check out the bio below to see the type of person that is leading this ministry.

Humanitarian Biography - Kay Morris a.k.a. Queen Nana Sika

Kay Morris is a native of Jamaica and was raised by two Pentecostal Minister Parents. She was exposed to the two most important influences that have guided her life, spiritual faith and the message of music. It would come as little surprise that Kay began her singing career at the tender age of four! Kay has worked tremendously hard in order to explore and celebrate her musical and spiritual roots, which she has fully embraced from Canada, Africa, and Jamaica.

Kay’s journey to becoming a humanitarian started through her music. She is a multi-faceted person, functioning in many capacities as a church Minister at Light and Life Ministries, Benevolent Queen (installed Queen Nana Sika I of the Royal House of Berekuso, Ghana in September 2006), an accomplished singer/song writer, Gospel music Hall of Famer, fashion designer, humanitarian, and motivational speaker. This versatile multi-award winning internationally acclaimed reggae Gospel artiste is also the President of the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF) in Canada and Ghana respectively.

Kay Morris’ music has allowed her to cross religious, cultural, and racial barriers around the world. She has been featured in several magazines/books (including the Stanford “Who is Who”) and have done numerous TV interviews. Spanning outward from Kay’s singing, like that of the growing branch from a thriving tree, is her advocacy work as a “humanitarian”. She is a blazing new trail being the Voice of the Voiceless for orphans & people living with HIV/AIDS and Malaria in Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

In 2003 Kay Morris music brought her to Africa; she was moved to see the plight of the people and returned to Canada with a passion to make a difference in Africa. In November of that same year, the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF) was registered in Ghana and in 2006 it was Federally Incorporated in Canada. Since April 2004 Kay Morris partnered with Health Partner’s International of Canada (HPIC) and has been carrying out annual missions to Africa, supporting the Ghana AIDS Commission, UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) Liberian Refugee Camp, Korle Bu Hospital - HIV Fever’s Unit, & donating medicines and medical supplies to over 42,000 refugees and people living with HIV/AIDS. She has also donated insecticide treated malaria nets to communities and high schools in Africa.

Through her foundation Kay has donated computers, soccer jerseys, educational materials, and over 3000 books from the Mississauga Central Library to elementary and high schools in Ghana. KMF supports the Human Service Trust Orphanage in Cape Coast and also the Village of Hope Orphanage in Central Region, where she donates clothing, books and toiletries to the children. In 2004 Kay visited Lagos, Nigeria and partnered with the Bridge Boys Interlink Project (BIP) and provided hot meals to the children and troubled youths in the ghetto area of the Apapa Railway Compound. In 2005 Kay launched the “make a difference campaign” and has been hosting annual fundraising events/galas in support of her global humanitarian initiatives in Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

August 2006 Kay Morris impacted Africa, after brokering a $1.5 million donation of ARVs (anti-retroviral HIV/AIDS drugs) on behalf of the Ghana Ministry of Health people living with HIV/AIDS in West Africa; for her humanitarian efforts, they crowned her Queen. In May 2007 Kay visited the United Nations (UNAIDS & UNDP) in Kingston, Jamaica to discuss the current HIV/AIDS crisis in the country and offered support through KMF. During her visit to Jamaica, she also toured the Father Ho Lung AIDS Hospice and presented the facility with donated items. In summer of that same year Kay later collaborated with international reggae superstar Luciano and they both recorded her humanitarian single “When You Cry.” Sales of the CD single goes to support her humanitarian projects/initiatives. Expanding her vision and mission in East Africa, January 2007, she visited the Mildmay Pediatric AIDS Center in Kampala, Uganda and made a presentation to the children. She later participated in one of Uganda’s biggest benefit concert alongside Miss. East Africa and helped the Nyaka AIDS Orphan School to raise thousands of dollars. In May 2008 Kay visited the Barbados Child Care Board during “Child Month” and presented them with clothing and toiletries for orphan children. She also visited and toured the orphanage and sang for the children. Highlights of 2008 was when she was invited by the United Nations to attend the Millennium Development Goal Awards (MDG) “Flag Signing” ceremony, which was held at the Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Canada and received special acknowledgement for her humanitarian work in the community and in Africa. In November 2008 Kay was invited by the Aburi King to celebrate his 20 year reign on the stool; at which time, Queen Nana Sika was carried high in a palanquin during a parade of great Kings and Queens in Africa.

In 2009 Kay Morris was invited by Chinese Artist & UN Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. William Ho as special guest of honor at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, where the World Renowned United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG) “One Heart Beat” Award, was displayed for the first time to the public. Kay & Mr. Ho have since been partnering and collaborating on many UN related humanitarian initiatives to help people living with HIV/AIDs and orphans around the world. In November 2009, Kay Morris Foundation partnered with the Ministry of Local Government in Jamaica in support of the poor. The Hanover Infirmary, St. James Street People Program, and the Trelawney Infirmary were beneficiaries of items raised through KMF and shipped to Jamaica. She organized some artists and helped the Ministry of Local Government to host a successful concert that benefited the poor at the Hanover Infirmary.

Kay’s passion to bring positive change to the lives of children and youths in the Motherland, has allowed her to partner with organizations in Africa such as: the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) Ghana, AYG Conference – Ghana, and CTF-Africa “Change Africa Summit” in Kenya, implementing community & youth development programmes/services to enhance and foster growth in the lives of African youths. She speaks at conferences, high schools, colleges/universities, churches, conducts workshops, as well as, forums in a community setting. In August 2010 she was a delegate/speaker at the AYG Conference in Ghana where she played a major role when the Government launched the National Youth Policy on World Youth Day. In 2010, Kay embarked on a humanitarian mission “Dribble 2 Africa” during the FIFA World Cup soccer games in Cape Town, South Africa. She visited two orphanages - Al Noor Orphanage and Beautiful Gate Orphanage where she donated food items and educational materials. She also visited a number of Women’s Centre speaking and empowering refugee women; as well as, she also conducted a staff workshop at the Al Noor Orphanage.

Post 2010 AYG Conference activities, Kay Morris hosted a fundraising gala Dec 4, 2010, to raise funds to build the “Women, Shed No More Tears” Maternal Mortality Health Centre in Ghana, as she believes no woman should die while giving birth in this 21st Century. The Prime Minister, Honorable Stephen Harper called and congratulated Kay for the work she is doing to combat maternal mortality in Africa, (this is a topic which was heavily discussed at the G8/G20 Summit by World Leaders).

Highlights of some of Kay’s humanitarian achievements are: she is recipient of the 2006 Ghanaian Canadian Achievement ‘special’ Award; 2007 prestigious Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award; 2008-received Special Appreciation Award from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in New York, NY; 2008 ACODEP Friends of Africa Awards (presented to her by Dr. Bobby Jones of BET); 2008 W.A.V.E. Humanitarian Award; 2008 C.R.M.A. Caribbean Community Service Award; 2009 Jamaica Day People’s Choice Award for Dedication & Excellence; featured in 2009 –2010 Stanford Business Magazine “Who’s Who”; and 2010 Bashment Boutique Community Service Appreciation Award

With this as an example, the ‘branches’ of Kay Morris’ music, Royalty, and humanitarian work is living proof that her message of a global spirituality is upon us and has taken root in the hearts and minds of the many lives she has touched in Africa and around the world.

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