Modern Parables

In this version of Modern Parables, we see a new version of the parable of the barren fig tree. We find this parable in Luke 13:6-9 in the Bible.

As it only covers three verses, it is definitely not one of the longer or more well-known parables in the Bible. While it isn't the most popular parable in history, it still offers some valid insight into the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus. Whenever Jesus spoke there was a lot to be learned.

In this parable, the master wanted to cut down an unfruitful tree. However, the groundskeeper pleaded with the master and asked for one more year. If the tree didn't bear any fruit within the next year, they could cut it down.

This is a very well-made video considering it was probably on a low-budget. You're not going to see any car chases, explosions, or special effects. However, you will see some hard-hitting Biblical truth. Sit back, relax and enjoy for the next 6 minutes.

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