Modern Parables

Modern parables are great ways to relate to other people about God's word. They can either be an adaptation of a Biblical parable or a completely original creation.

Great special effects, stellar acting, and wonderful production value...these are things that you'll find nowhere near the video you're about to watch. However, you will find a mildly amusing animated video by someone who wants to share the Gospel.

Any lesson that Jesus took the time to teach us while he was on Earth is good enough for a second look. Take the time to watch it and you'll remember what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about.

It's not about when you came to know Christ, just that you come to know Him. Hopefully this will remind you how important it is to save the lost. Not everyone is going to go to Heaven. We need to do everything we can on a daily basis to get those that we know there.

Check out the video of the parable of the workers. Just don't plan on seeing it win any academy awards next year.

The Parable of The Workers

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