Terri Blackstock

Shadow in Serenity

Terri Blackstock is a very talented fiction author and her abilities show through in Shadow in Serenity. Should you get the book and check it out? If you like interesting stories from Christian writers, you just might want to.


The basic idea behind this book involves a con man moving to a small Texas town and trying to take advantage of the city. He's basically Mr. Charming and does no wrong and he's got the whole town eating out of his hand. Everyone, that is, except for one lady named Carny Sullivan. She sees right through the charade and doesn't want to watch everyone lose their money to this scam artist.

terri blackstock

The Good

There really is a lot to like about this book. Have you ever read one of those Christian books that has a preachy message all the way through and you want to puke by the time you're done reading because it's so predictable? Well this isn't one of those books. In fact, the book was actually written as a secular book before Terri Blackstock was a Christian. Then she rewrote portions of the book and retitled it before it was re-released. This makes it a very unique book in that aspect. The characters are well-developed and don't seem fake. The story progresses well and it's hard to stop reading.

The Bad

The bad...I can't really think of much bad about this particular book. Maybe the name Carny? Who names their kid after a group of traveling carnival workers? Not this guy.

The Verdict

This is a really good story that I would recommend for anyone you like a good story with a good message. She's a master of her craft and this is just one of the many great books she has put out. It's definitely worth a read.

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