by Nicole R. Jack

Who is like you oh Lord? You who spoke the end from the beginning.

You who are faithful to all of Your promises.

Who is like You oh Lord? Who sees into the hearts and minds of men and women

And know their motives even when they try to hide them.

Who can compare to you?

You oh Lord stand alone in honour, majesty, truth, faithfulness

And wisdom.

You win victories over your enemies and all those who hate you. Those who assemble themselves

Against you do so in vain, for you always frustrate them.

They will fall into the very pit they make; but unto those who love you, you will provide

Protection, refuge, love and long life. Eternity is given to those who love and obey the voice

Of Your son Jesus Christ. You withhold nothing that is good to those who keep their

Eyes and heart stayed upon You. Praise Your holy name

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