Words of Encouragement

by Simone Da Costa

Words of Encouragement

Today’s post is a collection of some words of encouragement from guest contributor Simone Da Costa. Her words of encouragement are pretty inspirational. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from her.

Oh, lift up your head and lift it up high
Do not be troubled, do not be dismayed for this
is only for a time and this time will soon
pass by.
Give GOD glory, honor, praise and worship
and watch Him lift you up high

God is the infinite and eternal judge
What others say or think about you
is trivial pursuit
You should always feed your spirit
with positive words
Your inner-man will recognize when
an edible meal has been served

Who says happy endings are only in fairy tales?
Pray, believe and wait patiently on God
and He will make a fairy tale out of you
It’s not in asking you should fear
Fear comes when you don’t ask
Let integrity fashion your character in all walks of life.
It will shape the person you will become

Do not allow your past hurts, pains,
displeasures and disappointments
deter your future happiness, joys,
pleasures and successes
Serve your way up to success,
not giving it up for success

 A Mentee is just as significant as a Mentor
A Mentee listens, a Mentor needs a listener 
By Simone Da Costa

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