Youth Group Ideas

Finding good youth group ideas can be difficult sometimes. Kids are becoming more and more cynical as time goes by and finding something that interests them isn't always easy. If you've done any research on the topic, about all you find are cheesy games that no one would want to play. Bobbing for apples? Turkey bowling? These things are fine once in a while, but finding something that older kids like to do is becoming increasingly difficult. Check out these youth group ideas for your next get-together.

Rock Band Tournament

For those of you who haven't played Rock Band...what were you thinking? This game, along with Guitar Hero have pretty much taken the world by storm and couldn't be more popular among teenagers. If you're looking for a great way to get their attention a Rock Band tournament is definitely the way to go. Split them up into groups to form bands. Set up the tournament however you like. Put them up against another band head-to-head and let the computer decide who was the best band. Give them some sort of prize for winning the tournament even if it's something silly. You will probably have to go through the game and filter out the inappropriate songs as some of them have bad language. While it might seem like a non-traditional youth group activity, it will give you some credibility with the kids and probably bring in more kids to your youth group. Just because this is a Christian youth group doesn't mean it has to be boring.


This activity will need to take place in a large enclosed area like a gym. If your church has a gym, go there and for this activity. You need several small, soft balls for the game. A small, foam ball wrapped in athletic tape works great to give it enough substance to fly through the air. Split the group up into two teams split the balls up. Each team has to stay on their half of the court. You then begin throwing the balls at the other team and try to hit them. If you hit someone on the other team, they are out of the game. However, if they catch your ball, you're out. It's kind of like dodgeball with a lot more action and fun for everyone.

These youth group ideas should make it fun to be in youth group again. If you're tired of the same old boring ideas, try these on for size. Your youth group will thank you for it and probably bring their friends.

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